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W&W District Projects – contact Jim Franklin
Hear what Jim Franklin has to say about recent Work and Witness trips from the Intermountain District.

On May 14th, 2018, 10 pastors from our district left for the countries of Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. Their responsibilities were to help train pastors. The experience was amazing as we worked with leaders of our church in four world areas. We were exposed to the challenges of pastoral ministry in difficult places. We also saw the church responding with compassion to the needs of the people they were trying to reach.

On June 26, 15 people left for Nairobi, Kenya. The Nampa Bethel project included people from Meridian Valley Shepherd, Vancouver, Washington, Boise Tree City, and Idaho Falls. Five more joined us on June 29 for a two and a half week project. We worked on rebuilding walls in an old chapel building. It was being refurbished along with added walls to create additional classroom space for Africa Nazarene University (ANU). The trip included ministering to the New Scent Rescue Center. Young girls were being saved out of the world of human trafficking. Another project included a visit to a slum called Mathare. Here we played with children, learned about difficult ministries and had our faith stretched. Project money included money, school supplies, parachutes, soccer balls and basketballs, Shoes that Grow and backpacks for the New Scent girls. We also took many tools for ANU. The warmth and caring people of Africa deeply moved our hearts.

We have a growing number of churches on our district who are working on long term partnerships with districts in other countries. The intent is to have a more sustained relationship and sharing ministry vision with support from both sides. The efficiency of communication through cell phones, text messaging, and video conferencing make partnerships more possible than in the past.  There are even opportunities to get partnership training for local missions leaders to help the local church navigate the unique challenges of a partnership.

What projects is you local church or area working on that can be shared to inspire others?  Please let us know.

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