2019-2020 Missionary Deputation

Dear NMI presidents and pastors.

For those of you who are new on the Intermountain District or are a new NMI president, I should perhaps explain that the calendar below is the list of missionaries that I know of who will be doing deputation on our district in the next several months.  If you would like to invite one or more of them to speak at your church or to a small group, please let me know the “who” and “when” and I will put you on the schedule.  I know that Sunday mornings are the favorite time to host missionaries, but if you can invite them for week days or evenings, that would be really helpful.  If you haven’t already tried a small group meeting, I would encourage you to do so.  I think you will like the more informal gathering, which gives opportunity to get to know the missionaries, ask the questions you really want to ask, probably be more comfortable, and perhaps enjoy snacks together.  I know that missionaries like this kind of setting!  Consider meetings with the children and teens, SS classes, fellowship groups, Bible study groups, senior citizens, VBS, sewing circles, etc.

To schedule missionaries, you may email me (evelynfriberg@gmail.com), call me (208-467-3963) or text me (208-2499425) with your requests.  Scheduling is done on a “first come, first served” basis.

MISSIONARY SPEAKERS 2020 (UPDATED November 25, 2019)

Roland & Linda Daoust                     February 1 – 9                  Southeast Asia

(also available week days/evenings)

Feb 1 Saturday  
Feb 2 Sunday AM Castle Hills
  Sunday PM  
Feb 5 Wednesday NFC
Feb 9 Sunday AM Nyssa
  Sunday PM Parma

Heidi Bowes                              Feb 9 – May 3                           Eurasia Region

(Also available week days/evenings)

Feb 9 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Feb 12 Wednesday  
Feb 16 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Feb 19 Wednesday  
Feb 23 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Feb 26 Wednesday  
Mar 1 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Mar 4 Wednesday  
Mar 8 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM College Church
Mar 10 Tuesday 6:30 Sunny Ridge
Mar 11 Wednesday  
Mar 14 Saturday Emmett  FP
Mar 15 Sunday AM Emmett  FP
  Sunday PM Emmett  FP
Mar 18 Wednesday  
Mar 22 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Mar 25 Wednesday  
Mar 29 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Apr 1 Wednesday  
Apr 5 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Apr 8 Wednesday  
Apr 12 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  
Apr 15 Wednesday  
Apr 19 Sunday AM John Day
  Sunday PM  
Apr 20 Monday Natalie Ward
Apr 22 Wednesday  
Apr 26 Sunday AM (in Wisconsin)
  Sunday PM  
Apr 29 Wednesday  
May 3 Sunday AM  
  Sunday PM  

David & Rhonda Ackerman              September 6-13 & Nov. 29          Philippines

Sept 6 Sunday AM Weiser
  Sunday PM  
Sept 8 Tuesday 6:30 Sunny Ridge
Sept 9 Wednesday 5 Mile
Sept 13 Sunday AM Twin Falls
  Sunday PM Twin Falls
Nov 29th Sunday AM John Day
  Sunday PM  

David & Naomi Phillips                      October 14 – 27                   Southeast Asia

(also available week days/evenings)

Oct 14 Wednesday  
Oct 17 Saturday Utah churches
Oct 18 Sunday AM Utah churches
  Sunday PM Utah churches
Oct 21 Wednesday 5 Mile
Oct 25 Sunday AM Castle Hills
  Sunday PM Ustick
Oct 27 Tuesday 6:30 Sunny Ridge

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