2017-2018 Missionary Deputation

Dear NMI presidents and pastors,

Here we are in the eighth month of the year already!  And there are some new options on the missionary deputation list!  Please look over the following calendar and see if there are missionaries you would like to invite to speak at your church or at other venues — to the whole congregation, to a chapter group, to teens and young adults, to retirees, to children, to fellowship home groups, etc.  If you can use missionary speakers on weekdays or evenings, that would be really helpful too.
You may contact me by email or phone and I will be happy to get you on the list for the persons and dates of your choice as far as possible.
I hope each of you are refreshed in spirit and are enjoying 2018,  making God’s mission your mission!
Evelyn Friberg


                                                      August 2018 Update


Julie McKeithen                                 August 6 – 12      new appointee to Guyana

Aug 6 Monday
Aug 7 Tuesday
Aug 8 Wednesday NFC SS class
Aug 9 Thursday
Aug 10 Friday
Aug 11 Saturday
Aug 12 Sunday AM McCall
Sunday PM

LuVerne & Rachel Ward                  August 9 – 26                  Africa Region

          (also available weekdays/evenings)

Aug 9 Thursday
Aug 12 Sunday AM Castle Hills
Sunday PM Bethel
Aug 14 Tuesday  6:30 Sunny Ridge
Aug15 Wednesday
Aug 16 Thursday  7:00 NFC SS classes
Aug 19 Sunday AM New Hope
Sunday PM Valley Shepherd
Aug 22 Wednesday Canyon Hill
Aug 26 Sunday AM John Day




Enoch Tee                                September 9 – 15                       Philippines

Sept 9 Sunday AM SLC churches
Sunday PM SLC churches
Sept 10 Monday
Sept 11 Tuesday
Sept 12 Wednesday Kimberly
Sept 13 Thursday
Sept 14 Friday

David & Rhonda Ackerman         September 2 & 9-16             Philippines

                                             &  November    18-30

          Also available week days/evenings)


Sept 2 Sunday AM John Day
  Sunday PM Payette
Sept 9 Sunday AM Nyssa
Sunday PM Gooding Desert Hills
Sept 11 Tuesday  6:30 Sunny Ridge
Sept 12 Wednesday Layton
Sept 16 Sunday AM Filer
Sunday PM Buhl
(Sept 30 Sunday Twin Falls)
Nov 18 Sunday AM Euclid
Sunday PM Kimberly
Nov 21 Wednesday Fairview
Nov 25 Sunday AM Weiser
Sunday PM Marsing
Nov 28 Wednesday

Fred & Sheryl Tedder             October 10 – 25                         South Africa

          (also available week days/evenings)

Oct 10 Wednesday Kimberly
Oct. 11 Thursday
Oct 12 Friday SLC churches
Oct 13 Saturday SLC churches
Oct 14 Sunday AM SLC churches
Sunday PM
Oct 15 Monday Natalie Ward group (Sheryl)
Oct 16 Tuesday
Oct 17 Wednesday Valley Shepherd
Oct 18 Thursday
Oct 19 Friday John Day FP
Oct 20 Saturday John Day FP
Oct 21 Sunday AM John Day FP
Sunday PM Connell, WA
Oct 22 Monday
Oct 23 Tuesday
Oct 24 Wednesday
Oct 25 Thursday

Gina Pottenger              October 19 – November 6                   Eurasia Region

          (also available week days & evenings)

Oct 21 Sunday AM Harney County
Sunday PM
Oct 23 Tuesday  6:30 Sunny Ridge
Oct 24 Wednesday Five Mile
Oct 28 Sunday AM Castle Hills
Sunday PM
Oct 31 Wednesday
Nov 4 Sunday AM Filer
Sunday PM
Nov 5 Monday
Nov 6 Tuesday


Anderson & Janary Godoy               November 3 – 9               Japan

          (also available week days & evening)

Nov 3 Saturday
Nov 4 Sunday AM
Sunday PM
Nov 5 Monday
Nov 6 Tuesday
Nov 7 Wednesday
Nov 8 Thursday
Nov 9 Friday

Please Note:  I need invitations for 6-8 pastors/D.S.s/missionaries to speak on Sunday, October 28, either AM or PM services.  These are guests who will be attending the South Asia Partnership meetings in Nampa on October 26-27.  They may need transportation provided from NNU or its environs.

If you can assist with this request, please contact me for a list of names and to schedule the speaker you would like to invite.


Friday & Mary Ganda                      February 2 – 19               Burundi

          (also available week days/evenings)

Feb 3 Sunday AM John Day
Sunday PM
Feb 4 Monday
Feb 5 Tuesday
Feb 6 Wednesday Valley Shepherd
Feb 7 Thursday
Feb 8 Friday
Feb 9 Saturday
Feb 10 Sunday AM SLC churches
Sunday PM SLC churches
Feb 11 Monday
Feb 12 Tuesday
Feb 13 Wednesday
Feb 14 Thursday

Nathan & Beckey Mason                  March 2 – 11         Papua New Guinea

                                                            & May 4 – 28

          (one of our LINKS families)      (also available week days/evenings)

Mar 3 Sunday AM Homedale Mt. View
Sunday PM NFC  FP
Mar 6 Wednesday
Mar 10 Sunday AM Nyssa
Sunday PM
May 5 Sunday AM Castle Hills
Sunday PM
May 8 Wednesday
May 12 Sunday AM Harney County
Sunday PM John Day
May 15 Wednesday Fairview
May 19 Sunday AM Vida Nueva
Sunday PM
May 20 Monday  6:00 Natalie Ward – dinner –Beckey
May 22 Wednesday
May 26 Sunday AM Kimberly
Sunday PM
May 28 Tuesday  6:30 Sunny Ridge

Dwight & Carolyn Rich           April 3 – 14                               Ecuador

    (also available week days/evenings)

Apr 3 Wednesday
Apr 6 Saturday Valley Shepherd
Apr 7 Sunday AM Valley Shepherd
Sunday PM
Apr 9 Tuesday  6:30 Sunny Ridge
Apr 10 Wednesday
Apr 14 Sunday AM Mountain Home



Kevin & Jenni Campbell-White                  May 1-8                 Southeast Asia

May 1 Wednesday
May 2 Thursday
May 3 Friday
May 4 Saturday Canyon Hill FP
May 5 Sunday AM Canyon Hill FP
Sunday PM
May 6 Monday
May 7 Tuesday
May 8 Wednesday

Jay & Teanna Sunberg                     July 18-24                                 Hungary

July 18 Thursday John Day
July 19 Friday
July 20 Saturday Payette (brunch)
July 20 Saturday PM Karcher FP
July 21 Sunday AM Karcher FP
Sunday PM Bethel
July 22 Monday
July 23 Tuesday  6:30 Sunny Ridge
July 24 Wednesday Harney County


Robert & Colleen Skinner                 December 8 – 15                       Poland

          (also available week days/evenings)

Dec 8 Sunday AM Castle Hills
Sunday PM NFC
Dec 9 Monday
Dec 10 Tuesday
Dec 11 Wednesday
Dec 12 Thursday
Dec 13 Friday
Dec 14 Saturday
Dec. 15 Sunday AM John  Day
Sunday PM Baker City


NOTE:   Dr. Andy and Judy Bennett, currently working from the U.S., will be available for some speaking engagements.  You may contact them at judybennett@reachone.com to arrange for services.

Josh and Brandi Williams, currently working from the U.S., will be available for some speaking engagements.  You may contact them at hoshua@gmail.com or by phone at 208-407-6721 to arrange for services.



Roland & Linda Daoust                    February 1 – 9                 Southeast Asia

Feb 1 Saturday
Feb 2 Sunday AM
Sunday PM
Feb 5 Wednesday
Feb 9 Sunday AM
Sunday PM

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